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  • Solves the Speaker Beaming problem so you, the sound engineer and the audience will be happy
  • Folds up and fits in the back of many open back amps and cabinets 
  • Designed and Crafted in Chatham Virginia - USA
  • Quick Setup and Tear Down - less than 30 seconds!
  • Durable and repairable - each component is individually replaceable.
  • Custom bases are possible - contact for more info.


The Folding Guitar Amplifier Speaker Beaming Solution that solves problems when performing on stage.  After you spend 30 seconds setting up Tone Shield, your amp will sound warmer, more velvety and the sound engineer will stop asking you to turn down.  The shield is made from tough 6mm cast Polycarbonate, which we machine to accept acrylic hinges.  We also machine the hinges to fit 3mm brass screws. You might be able to wear out the hinges if you bend them more than a million times!  The shied panels are incredibly durable, but if it happens to fall victim to a Pete Townsend performance moment, you can easily replace any panel in minutes.  

ToneShield is designed to be so compact it will fit in the back of most open back amps and cabinets as shown in some of the photos

The original ToneShield base is made from wood and we paint it flat black, add four rubber feet and  an elastic cord for shield stowing.  ToneShield v2 and v2R bases are machined from light weight and durable black ABS plastic.  It takes only seconds to setup and fold up. Please keep in mind that wood is a natural product and that while we do our best to produce a consistent product, there will be variations inherent to wood. 



Original = 1.5 kg (3.3 lbs)  /  v2 = 1.3 kg (2.9 lbs)  /  v2R = 1.54 kg (3.4 lbs)

Original Base = 740 gr (1.6 lbs)  /  v2 = 650 gr (1.4 lbs)  /  v2R = 760 gr (1.7 lbs)

Shield = 780 gr (1.7 lbs)

Dimensions for all versions:

Folded Height = 63mm (2.5")

Width = 210mm (8.3")

Length = 406mm (16")

Assembled: Height = Original & v2 = 381 mm (15")  /  v2R allow up to 482mm (19")

Width = 283mm ( 11.1")

Length = 305mm (12")


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Chris B.
United States
I recommend this product

Awesome Solution to Beaming and Excessive Stage Volume

The first gig I used this I noticed some additional clarity and the sound seemed to be well distributed as I moved around my side of the stage. In between sets I was talking to the other guitarist who thought his tone was too thick; I said it sounds great from a distance and let him take my ToneShield for the next set. The first thing I noticed without the ToneShield is that I had to turn up much louder to compensate for my sound beaming by my legs, and not distributed higher near my ears. The other guitarist could now hear his true tone (liked it after all) and also turned his amp down. We’re both using a 1x12” cab and a Fuchs or Supro head (21-25 watts).

Todd A.
United States United States
I recommend this product

ToneShield - A Plexi Problem Solver!

Being a fan and player of Plexi style amps makes me too familiar with stage volume issues not resolved by master volume controls. ToneShield solved this issue immediately. Allows me to hear my amp much better on stage, not be harsh on people close to the stage and has actually resulted in sound guys complimenting my tone and talking gear instead of yelling about my volume. Mark went above and beyond in helping with a special base design to meet my needs. Customer service at its finest! Terrific product and terrific company to work with!

John D.
United States United States
I recommend this product

Goodbye amp stand hello tone!

I love this product! I took my time before writing this review, I have used it now on multiple stages, bars, rehearsals. Plain and simple this thing works. Everyone I know is trying to get the tone I have now! I usually use PRS and Gibson at gigs, this last gig I took a Strat… it sounded incredible. It’s so easy to set up and works flawlessly. Over the years I had never realized how much the tone changed while using an amp stand, and I never realized how much sound I was losing with the amp at my feet in smaller venues. The Tone Shield has woken me up!

Wayne O.
United States United States
I recommend this product

Big surprise

I fully expected the diffusion effect that really helps on stage, but I did not expect the improvement in tone. This is a great product.

United States United States
I recommend this product

Great product!

The quality and fit and finish was very good (shipping time was also short). I and my other guitar player have not used the shield in a gig yet, but we will. The shield physically worked during our band practice session and I'd recommend this product.

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