ToneShield Base - Lower (DWB-10)
ToneShield Base - Lower (DWB-10)
ToneShield Base - Lower (DWB-10)

ToneShield Base - Lower (DWB-10)

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ToneShield Base Lower replacement part number DWB-10


The Folding Guitar Amplifier Speaker Beaming Solution that solves problems when performing on stage.  After you spend 30 seconds setting up Tone Shield, your amp will sound warmer, more velvety and the sound engineer will stop asking you to turn down.  The shield is made from tough 6mm cast Polycarbonate, which we machine to accept acrylic hinges.  We also machine the hinges to fit 3mm brass screws. You might be able to wear out the hinges if you bend them more than a million times!  The shied panels are incredibly durable, but if it happens to fall victim to a Pete Townsend performance moment, you can easily replace any panel in minutes.  

I keep my Tone Shield in the back of my amp - as shown in one of the photos - that's my amp!  Cameron Owen does this as well, but I've also seen him rummage through a cable/accessory box to get it out!  Johnny Hiland puts it in the back of his Fat Jimmy 1 x 12 Cabinet.

The Tone Shield base is made from wood and we paint it flat black, add four rubber feet and  an elastic cord for shield stowing.  It takes only seconds to setup and fold up. Please keep in mind that wood is a natural product and that while we do our best to produce a consistent product, there will be variations inherent to wood. 



1.5 kg (3.3 lbs) 

Base = 740 gr (1.6 lbs)

Shield = 780 gr (1.7 lbs)


Folded: Height = 63mm (2.5")

Width = 210mm (8.3")

Length = 406mm (16")

Assembled: Height = 381 mm (15")

Width = 283mm ( 11.1")

Length = 305mm (12")


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